02 June 2017

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Maui County Dept of Planning - Zoning Audit Survey

The Maui County Department of Planning has contracted with nationally renowned planning consulting firm Orion Planning and Design to conduct an audit of Maui County Code (MCC) Title 19, the Zoning code. The goal of the audit is to take a comprehensive look at the County's zoning code to analyze its strengths and weaknesses and to provide recommendations on improvements to the code.

Part of the process in conducting a successful audit is incorporating effective and meaningful outreach, particularly with those stakeholders and individuals who work with or use the code and are affected by its regulations.  As part of the outreach effort to garner feedback on the use, understanding and applicability of the code, the consultants have conducted a broad range of interviews and stakeholder meetings and continue to collect written statements.  

Orion Planning and Design is now conducting an online survey on various aspects of MCC Title 19, Zoning. We ask that you please take a few minutes of your time to complete the survey.   The results are anonymous and will be collected and analyzed by Orion Planning and Design.   Click this link to access the survey:


Please feel free to disseminate the survey link to others in your organization or line of work, or those who you know have been impacted by the Zoning code.   The survey will remain open until Monday, June 19, 2017.  

(Forwarded by Carolyn Cortez, CFM)