06 April 2017

Workshop on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code

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Maui Architect said...

Aloha All,
As I mentioned in our last Excom meeting there remains much to be desired in this version of the Energy Code despite the efforts of our State delegation to add a "tropical zone".

The most striking oversight is the total lack of exemption for homes powered by photovoltaic electrical systems. In this era of decentralized, non-polluting power generation there is no reason that a code like this should be applied at all.

It remains a poor fit for our unique environment regardless of the source of power. In its attempt to seal homes so tightly in order to reduce the size of heating and cooling systems, air quality can easily be compromised by poorly maintained filtration systems. Here where maintenance-free, natural ventilation can be utilized in most micro-environments, this code represents a serious step backwards in sustainability, added construction cost, aesthetic considerations from simple sliding glass doors to entire slide-a-way walls and simple common sense.

I think we should support the Roofing Association's position as well as propose an amendment for homes powered by private renewable energy systems...

There's my diatribe for the day...


Michelle Turner said...

Well put, Jim.
We are faced with these challenges on the building side of things as well.
Fresh air living and PV power should be considered in the Energy Codes.
Aloha, Michelle and Brian
BY DESIGN Builders

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