30 December 2016

New Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form

From the County of Maui Department of Planning:

A zoning and flood confirmation form is required to be completed by ZAED first before submitting the SMA assessment application.  Previously, the zoning and flood confirmation form was completed as part of the review process for the SMA assessment application.  Now, it is a required checklist item that the front desk will be looking for when you submit your SMA assessment application.  The front desk will not accept an SMA assessment application without a completed zoning confirmation.

If your project falls within a special flood hazard area (SFHA), a flood development permit is required to be issued prior to the issuance of an SMA exemption or SMA minor permit.  The FDP and SMA applications can be filed concurrently, but the SMA will not be issued until the FDP is.

Download the new Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form

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