02 September 2014

State Government Network August Newsletter

from AIA State and Local Government Relations:

The State and Local Government Relations Team is proud to release the third SGN Monthly Newsletter “SGN News”  – Vol 1:Iss. 3. The Newsletter has recently undergone a fantastic rebranding courtesy of AIA National’s stellar marketing department. Please feel free to disseminate the Newsletter as you see fit. Share it with your State Board, your local members, your clients, and local policymakers. As members, this is YOUR policy forum…

In this issue…
1)      A recap of the State & Local Team’s activities in August.
2)      Input from your fellow SGN members.
3)       “Around the Nation…Massachusetts”: “AIA Massachusetts Celebrates the Passage of Good Samaritan Legislation” - By Bryan J. Soukup, Esq., Manager of State and Local Government Relations and John Nunnari, Assoc. AIA, AIA Massachusetts Executive Director 
Around the Nation - (Next Month Could be Your Component)!
-        This month featured a fantastic article from Massachusetts. We’re looking for next month’s spotlight component…. If you have something you’d like to share with the greater AIA community (your write-up NEED NOT BE LENGTHY and can be on the subject of your choice), volunteer NOW to be next month’s spotlight component!
 Call For Content –September Issue:
-        Do you have a question, announcement, comment, anecdote, video, promotion, “shout-out”, link, etc. etc. etc. you’d like to incorporate into next month’s issue? Send it our way by September 25, 2014 at 5pm EDT.

New P3 Content!
You can view AIA’s most recent draft of our suggested comprehensive P3 legislation Guide here

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