02 January 2013

Commercial LED Lighting Workshop

8 January 2013 (Tuesday) @ 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Location:  Maui Art's and Cultural Center - Alexa Higashi Room
Cost:  FREE (morning snacks and lunch provided)
Registration:  Contact Walter Enomoto

Hawaii Energy will be sponsoring an all day Commercial LED Lighting Workshop with Maui resident, Stan Walerczyk of Lighting Wizards.

The topic “LEDs vs. Everything, Interior and Exterior” should cover the whole area of commercial lighting where LED technology is making its impacts felt.

This workshop was introduced at the 2011 Lightfair, the largest lighting conference in North America, and has been updated and expanded since then.
  • Yes, LEDs are new, rapidly improving and have the ‘wow’ factor, but how do they currently compare with high performance incumbent technologies and some other new technologies in interior and exterior applications?
  • How will these comparisons change in just one or two years?
  • What are the best applications for currently available LED products?
  • When should interim technologies be used before LEDs are really ready for prime time in some applications? 
  • Why electronically ballasted ceramic metal halide is better than LED in some applications?
  • How should life cycling cost effectiveness be done?
  • Should LED T8s ever be used?
  • For LEDs to really become mainstream, will constant lumens and replacement modules have to become the norm?
  • What are important issues to help decide which LED product manufacturers to buy from?
  • Is induction an outdated technology?

These and other topics will be discussed.
  • Background information, including DOE, Energy Star, Designlights Consortium, various awards, L70, LM79, LM80, etc.
  • Points to ponder
  • Raise the bar
  • Dollars per 1000 lumens
  • Has the lighting industry evolved?
  • Truth in advertising
  • Are LEDs really more environmentally friendly than other technologies?
  • Running cool
  • Trophy chips
  • WOW factor
  • Rated life projections
  • Long term financials
  • Don’t consider an LED product, unless...
  • Which companies to buy from
  • Warranty
  • Down the road with LED products installed now
  • For LEDs to become mainstream
  • Retrofit or Replace LED fixtures
  • Maintenance
  • Buy now or later
  • Contenders
  • Latest generation of LED chips and products
  • T8, T5 and T5HO fluorescents
  • Electronically ballasted ceramic metal halide
  • Induction
  • Plasma
  • Halogen infrared
  • General comparisons
  • Lumens and foot-candles per watt
  • Rated life
  • End of life lumen maintenance
  • Color rendering
  • Kelvin
  • Long term color consistency
  • Dimming

  • Specific interior comparisons
  • Linear replacement lamps
  • Decorative
  • Omni-directional
  • Accent lighting
  • Recessed cans
  • Cold storage
  • Troffers
  • Suspended indirect/direct fixtures
  • Task – ambient lighting
  • Future of interior lighting
  • Specific exterior comparisons
  • Wall washing
  • HPS, LED & induction street lighting
  • Good applications for LEDs
  • LED, Induction, EHID, Plasma
  • Final Q&A, projects, comments, etc.

  • Identify the best applications for currently available LED products
  • Compare applications that high performance fluorescent, electronically ballasted CMH and other technologies can be more cost effective than currently available LED products
  • Discuss the downsides of LED T8s
  • Discuss why induction is obsolete


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