12 September 2012

Hawaii Energy Workshop on Maui

Financial Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects
30 October 2012 (Tuesday)
Location:  Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Kahului
Cost:  $35

from EEFG:
It is much easier to secure funding for a proposed energy-saving project if all of the associated costs and benefits are properly quantified and the resulting financial return is compelling.  This workshop will cover several approaches to calculating a project's returns as well as the pros and cons of using various financial metrics when requesting capital.  By the end of the day, students will know how to model expected cash outflows and inflows over time, how to calculate a project's present value and other financial metrics, and how to generate compelling capital budgeting requests.  Credits:  AIA 6.0 HSW/SD, GBCI 6.0 CE (LEED).
Download the flyer.



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