08 June 2012

AIA Maui Recognition Deadline - 01 July 2012

As a reminder, the AIA Maui has two (2) separate recognition programs for 2012:

Recognition of Maui Architecture - 2012

AIA Maui is continuing its annual recognition of Maui architecture.  The goal is to highlight and publish remarkable projects in Maui that have the potential to inspire.  AIA Maui will recognize achievements for a broad range of architectural activity which elevate the general quality of professional practice, establish a standard of excellence, and inform the public of the breadth and value of architectural practice.

"The Other" Maui - Architecture - 2012

AIA Maui is announcing a photographic program of "The Other" Maui architecture.  The goal is to unveil little known architectural components of the Maui landscape which might inspire or create intrigue.  AIA Maui seeks to uncover, through a photographic journal, a broad range of architectural oddities, decay, and individual expression which will inform of the breadth of the other Maui rarely seen and/or appreciated, or as the case may, hoping not to be appreciated.

The deadline for submissions for both programs for possible inclusion will be 5:00 PM HST on 01 July 2012.  In August 2012, the photographs will be available for all AIA Maui members to examine and discuss.  AIA Maui will complete the selection process, and announce selected photographs during September 2012.

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